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A World Beyond Capitalism, The Conference, The Community, The Love - Join Us!

A World Beyond Capitalism Team Radio/Podcast & more

A World Beyond Capitalism Team Radio/Podcast &more
Welcome to my personal journal.

Here you will find the website for the A World Beyond Capitalism Conference.
To open the page in a separate window click click here or to go directly to the conference site click here. It is an Annual International Multiracial Alliance Building Peace Conference. No registration or pre-registration is necessary for the conference. The conference does not charge anyone for any services. No one will be turned away. The keynote speaker's night, all workshops, meals, tea, coffee, all festivals, community childcare, camping space and exhibition space in the International Grassroots and Networking Exhibition are all completely free of charge.

Also, we hope you are interested in joining the Peace Communities Social Networking Website and Online Community with Member Profiles, Discussion Forum, Event Listings, Photos & Slideshows, Custom Video Players, Real-time Activity Stream and much more found by clicking here:Peace Communities. You can also visit the primary PeaceCommunities.org page found here: :Peace Communities.

Find more photos like this on Peace Communities

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Here are some other great communities that you should check out (in alphabetical order):

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    Hurricane Katrina Relief And Networking Resources found here.

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